Terms of Service

Last Modified: 2018-06-15


This service at Git.Angry.Im is provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. The service is maintained by the owner, PeterCxy, with the intention for self-use but made public for fair and appropriate use of those in need of such a service but could not maintain one for themselves. The maintainer does not take any reponsibility, to the extent allowed by applicable laws, for the content hosted on this service, nor is the mainatiner responsible for any data loss that may occur due to disastrous situations. Users must ensure reliable backups for themselves.

Acceptable Use

Prohibited Activities

Abuse Policy

On the event of any user violating the ToS, the owner, PeterCxy, maintains the right to delete the content or code repository, banning the IP address, terminating the related accounts, or taking any measure that removes the abusive content and keeps the services running.

Amendments to the Terms of Service

The maintainer of this service might change this document at any time that he feels appropriate to do so. The users will be notified by either e-mail or notifications on the website. Any user that disapprove the updated ToS should stop using the service immediately. Any activity after the amendments of the ToS should be considered approval of the amendment.