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i0Ek3’s homepage

Welcome to visit my homepage:

This is a really awesome blog create by Github Pages where I cloned from muan, and I mofidied it for daliy use, then I delete all stuffs under the _posts and images/ directory.

And my homepage like this:

I like it so much, and I hope you like it too.

--------------- Here is author’s original declaration, be known! -----------------

Click me!

A blog

This is where Mu-An writes her stuff and messes around every once in a while. See the messes here.


$ gem install github-pages
$ jekyll server -w --baseurl=''


The following directories and their contents are Copyright Mu-An Chiou. You may not reuse anything therein without my permission:


All other directories and files are MIT Licensed (where applicable).


:wave: @muanchiou :panda_face: