Learn Python step by step.
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Python learning notes. This is not my first time to learn Python,but its my first time to write .py files on github. Uh…that’s cool, reference only!

print("Hello Python!")


The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters
Beautiful is better than ugly.
Explicit is better than implicit.
Simple is better than complex.
Complex is better than complicated.



Enhence my coding ability and develop a python game.Just for fun


        >>>basis gramar
            >>>>Alien Invasion
            >>>>Data Visualization
            >>>>Web Application

Python Frame

  • Django-A web frame tool to help you developed interactive website.


  • Something you should know about write functions:
    • 给函数指定描述名称,且只用小写字母和下划线,模块名也如此: Python def function_name(parameter list) //recommand def functionName(parameter list) //unrecommand
    • 给形参指定默认值时,等号两边不要有空格,对于函数调用中的关键字实参也如此: Python def function_name(parameter1,parameter2='default value') function_name(value1,value2='value')
    • 不建议一行代码过长(>78字符),如果过长可使用回车后添加两个tab键: Python def make( parameter1,parameter2,parameter3, parameter4,parameter5,parameter6): function body...
    • 所有的import都应该放在文件开头,除非文件开头使用了注释.
    • 在Python2.7中,类的创建如下: Python class ClassName(object): --snip--
    • 类名应采用驼峰命名法,即将类名中的每个单词首字母都大写,而不使用下划线.
    • 实例名和模块名都应采用小写+下划线的格式.
    • 对于每一个类,类定义后都应包含一个文档字符串.
    • 需要同时导入标准库模块和第三方及个人模块时,应先编写标准库模块语句后添加一个空行,再编写个人及第三方模块.


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11-14:add function
11-16:just add something about function,add other contents later…
11-19:add class contents.
11-20:add inherit contents.
11-21:add something later.Like import part.
11-22:add file operation and exception contents.
11-24:add how to stored data use json.And add test model after my class end today!Actually thays really waste time to write,but I finished something and remains I commit tommorow!Thats all.
11-25:no update cause of my pc-computer was broken!
11-26:add something about unittest,but still have boom in exc.py,fix later…review day
11-27:add part2.
12-03:I’m back and modified something.
12-04:add something about Django.
12-05:add main page on application.