Foreign Language Learning.
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FLL -- Foreign Language Learning

As I said that, languages’ study shouldn’t have any limits, interesting is your best teacher. So, just do it if you like it.

Additionaly, this project is also to share my learning experience, pure self-study, and also record the learning process



Learning Skills

  • First, you should have interested on it what you want to learn, to know it and assimilate into it.

  • Letters is your second important thing of learning a new language, learn it as your own way.

  • Then, a little words good for need, believe me. ``

  • Next, you should fuck grammer, yeah, fuck it.

  • Last, speak it, listen it, watch it and over again.

In a word, it’s need long time to go, maybe you can learnt it with a one month or less more. But, most people need to learn it much more time, insist it you can see a miracle.



Pусски! No Russian letter? No, Russian letter.

Russia is one of my favorite country of European, so I decide to learn Russian by myself. Actually, I already spent last night to learn how to pronunciate tongue vibrato P, you know what? I get it, that’s really amazing, so, let we do it!


There are 33 letters in Russian rather than 26 letters, they are:

Аа Бб Вв Гг Дд Ее Ёё Жж Зз Ии Йй Кк Лл Мм Нн Оо Пп Рр Сс Тт Уу Фф Хх Цц Чч Шш Щщ Ъъ Ыы Ьь Ээ Юю Яя

On the other hand, you should know how to read these letters as correct pronunciation or write them as right way, hold on, I will upload some pictures about how to write them as right way later days.

As for pronunciation video, please find it on the youtube or Google Store…

Here is an alphbet picture write by myself, and also there is a standard one in /image/russian.


Additionally, you need to spelling these alphbets frequently like this(of course, these combinations do not necessarily exist, check it by yourself):


As well as you should write these alphbets’ handwritting expertly, take some days to practice it, be patient, believe me.



学习蒙语的目的一方面在于兴趣,另一方面在于我自己是内蒙古人,却不会说写蒙语,实在是觉着有些不妥,所以有了这部分内容,后续也许会考虑做一个学习蒙语的小程序,Let we do it~