• v1.5

    PeterCxy vor 3 Monaten 1 Commits zu master seit diesem Release

    Initial support for Android Q (10). This version may have also fixed the setup on some Huawei / Xiaomi devices, but there is no guarantee that it would work.

    Note that the initialization process has changed. The app will show a notification that you should click on during initialization. If it is not clicked, the initialization process cannot finish.

    Please also be aware that FileShuttle isn’t currently available on Android 10. It needs a total rework, which I do not currently have time to do.


    f4c314386dce13a1ca0ebc64fa3087d32956ee3294ba64fc86ec526293447290 app/release/app-release.apk 51c8387b7c91756cfe0efc529bab96fbb57aed44f06d7c9a046a2f60a57c12f6 app/release/

  • v1.4.1

    PeterCxy vor 9 Monaten 18 Commits zu master seit diesem Release

    • Fix crashes on some devices since last release


    25033f6e5d9f02f9bc2f82325d59ee86adee6605636d4b4970167a84202a91e4 app-release.apk b053460a7d10a3b59a20be99f996c2c62e3f42af08406752b8d536a98e124f1f

  • v1.4

    PeterCxy vor 9 Monaten 20 Commits zu master seit diesem Release

    • Introduced “linked unfreeze” shortcuts which can be created by multiselection, which allows unfreezing the dependencies of a given app along with the app itself
    • Fixed crash when clicking on “continue anyway” in the MIUI warning dialog
    • Introduced “camera proxy” to allow using cross-profile pictures in apps that do not support Storage Access Framework (thus cannot use FileShuttle) but support importing pictures from camera
    • Introduced support for cross-profile widgets which can be enabled in the app’s popup menu
    • Allow setting a delay for the freeze-on-screen-lock feature (mainly to accommodate for mistaken locking of the screen)
    • Allow viewing and manipulating all installed applications (including core system components) via an option in the menu (if your OS require some system components other than the AOSP ones to be cloned by default, you can now clone them in this way) (MAY BREAK THINGS)
    • Introduced in-app global search
    • Added “freeze now” action on the notification of the “Auto-freeze pending” notification


    53e9481093bb1503aa443b7fc1ef94f2a9c8e43efd16eee1cbf5651725553048 app-release.apk

  • v1.3

    PeterCxy vor 1 Jahr 48 Commits zu master seit diesem Release

    • Fixed compatibility issues with FileShuttle, now you should be able to use files from FileShuttle in apps like Firefox and FX Manager
    • Add support for opening directories through FileShuttle
    • Implemented “true” auto-freeze which must be enabled in Shelter’s settings.
    • Allow MIUI users to continue anyway even if app cloning on MIUI is not working (if they are lucky, they might make it work)


    af0156af0304ab1810141ec46bf709dc4cb50bee87a8993eb4ee14128ce3397e app-release.apk e65012cc2149c70d37aaa7bab3c809b2287860346e89e6040e0fbe33fb133695

  • v1.2

    PeterCxy vor 1 Jahr 69 Commits zu master seit diesem Release

    • Optimized and introduced fixes to the initialization process, now more devices should be able to use Shelter
    • In-app sharing is now allowed to pass across profile boundary thanks to @BroncoTc. You can now share stuff via the in-app share button from apps inside Shelter to the outside
    • Implemented direct APK installation into work profile (Shelter)
    • Improved security of cross-profile interactions, while still naïve (if I broke anything, it’s probably caused by this change, please let me know without hesitation, although through testing I haven’t found anything to be broken by this)
    • Introduced new feature: File Shuttle, allowing you to access files across profile boundary with system’s Documents UI and Storage Access Framework (SAF) without root / adb and without compensating any of the isolation guarantees for it. (This feature MUST be enabled from Shelter Settings before being used)
    • i18n: added basic ru-rRU translation thanks to @NeoTheFox. Note that i18n translations are maintained by community and provide no guarantees for full translation. You may still see untranslated strings while in these non-English locales.


    70c866d35362d7b77b5b945e6314fe6c08f59c2afadbc3cb92b0dbd31353716d app-release.apk ca1ca4dbab6c75b2182e40eb4046ece300a3a426144ac9f6e4bb8bc45acae2d9

  • v1.1

    PeterCxy vor 1 Jahr 103 Commits zu master seit diesem Release

    • Minimum supported Android version decreased to 7.0
    • Better detection of the availability of work profile capabilities (avoid crashes on some unsupported devcies)
    • Disable the ability to clone non-system apps on MIUI (this is broken by MIUI; it won’t work. users have to clone a system app store first and then install apps from it)
    • Fix for some rare cases where the app is stuck in the “please wait for setup to complete” stage
    • i18n: include Chinese (Simplified) translation
    • Replaced the icon with the newly designed (and much prettier) one designed by @嘿_这里有口井 on Weibo


    e544ecb082075da94340bf70e72afcf0f7b748e66ed13f07248c38692a8002ab f66300ed6e0ea474d24d3d599bf3f9745fffb647af14b2269a614bff193aa18c app-release.apk

  • v1.0

    PeterCxy vor 1 Jahr 123 Commits zu master seit diesem Release

    First release


    5b96ed3163959aa4c53f75ea5913ecd8a8f43c65f45cba5ce9a140184109d1f1 425d8c8ff0f2e1ee870b878eeb76d1fe785ebeaa8fc9f67a9ef2dd8bfd519044 app-release.apk